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26 January 2030 @ 01:59 am
[sticky post] F/O  

Hello, nice to meet you!

I am a twenty four year old female with dyed ginger hair, pale skin and rosy cheeks. I am happy, uninhibited and geeky. I casually game and spend my free time making and watching videos on YouTube or getting excited about TV shows with my gamer boyfriend. My sister makes gifs of my face sometimes. She's as awesome as I am.

I am a bit weird sometimes and say strange things but I have good intentions.

This journal is Friends Only for a reason. If you know me in real life please do not discuss this journal with other people I know or you know. Polite people ask before adding me. My friends should share my fandoms, understand grammar, enjoy getting excited about TV and film and be able to stand personal ramblings.

I am a Nerdfighter.
"We're Nerdfighters. We fight against suck....
we fight for awesome. We fight using our brains,
our hearts, our calculators and our trombones."

I did The Ianto Show back in the day... the archive is here.Collapse )
29 December 2012 @ 12:57 pm
Day 29 → This year, in great detail


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